Social Works

Social Works

Vivekananda Study Circle

In order to help and support the children of the underprivileged families, we have initiated ‘Vivekananda Study Circle’. Our students teach the poor school children of the neighboring villages through this forum. At regular intervals, they are donated school bags, pens, pencils, exercise books etc.

NSS, College Unit

As a part of University curriculum, NSS Unit has been formed in the Institute, which is involved in different kinds of social works. The types of their social works include donation of old books to the poor pupils, teaching the small school children, donation of blood to the persons in need, plantation of trees, increasing awareness amongst the masses, regarding literacy drive etc.

Workshops to sensitize the students to social works

A workshop had been organized to sensitize our students to social works. The dignitaries from a Kolkata based NGO; ‘Swapnaloke for Humanity with Humanity’ conducted the workshop.