Electrical Engineering (Intake: 60)

About the Department

Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) of this college started its journey since 2002 with an intake of 60 students. The department of EE is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure in laboratories, which houses modern and sophisticated instruments/equipment. The Department is providing well experienced and highly qualified List of Faculty Members. List of Faculty Members take care of each student; arranging special classes and tutorial sessions frequently beyond the scheduled classes for their sustainable career growth. The teachers always encourage the students for their higher studies, paper publication, seminar & conference attending etc. The students of EE are placed in various MNCs every year like TCS, Oilco India, Venus Control & Switch Gear, Hindustan Glass etc. Some of our students have qualified GATE as well.

Vision of the Department

To evolve as an innovative and globally competent electrical engineering department that caters to the latest needs of power sector, electrical and allied industry and also contribute to socio economic growth of the region by providing conductive learning interactive environment to student & faculty.

Mission of the Department

M1. To strengthen academic infrastructure and State of art resources leading to quality professional and provide framework for promoting collaborative and multi-disciplinary activities.

M2. to enhance the faculty members creative and innovative endeavors in the teaching and research in electrical engineering and allied field and also to deliver knowledge amongst students through contemporary curriculum and modern pedological method in the area of electrical engineering and interdisciplinary area.

M3. To promote holistic development among students and the nurture the personality traits in the students in different dimension and address the needs of the nation.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PE01: graduate will be technically competent and be equipped with cutting edge technologies in order to cater the need related to industry.

PE02: graduate will have strong foundation in various aspects of electrical engineering so that they have seamless knowledge to develop and maintain modern electrical equipment s and take part in applications based research and development.

PE03:  To inculcate professional and ethical attributes communications shill and ability to relates engineering issues from broader social perspective to meet the needs of future.

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • PO1: To enhance ability of the students to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • PO2: Ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical engineering  and engineering  science problems, analysis and interpretation of the same.
  • PO3: Ability to design solution for  complex engineering  problems  and design system  components/process  with due consideration for public safety and environmental issues.
  • PO4: Use of research based knowledge and different research techniques for design experiment, analysis and interpretation of data with relevant conclusions.
  • PO5: Ability to use modern techniques in electrical engineering and software based tools for conducting experiments and data interpretation.
  • PO6: Ability to understand the importance of safety precautions to be followed by society while working with Electrical Installations.
  • PO7: Ability to identify and understand environmental issues with social awareness.
  • PO8: Understand professional, social and ethical responsibility to bear a good moral character.
  • PO9: Ability to demonstrate leadership skills and teamwork in the workplace to function professionally.
  • PO10: Ability to communicate social and engineering problems with effective report writing and presentation skills.
  • PO11: Ability to apply principles of business practices and entrepreneurship development.
  • PO12: Ability to develop confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO 1: The students must be capable of applying the fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to identify, formulate, design and investigate complex engineering problems of electric circuits, analog and digital electronics circuits, control systems, electrical machines and Power system.

PSO 2: The students must be capable of applying the appropriate techniques and modern engineering hardware and software tools in electrical engineering to engage in life-long learning and to successfully adapt in multi-disciplinary environments and must inculcate the culture of providing professional engineering solutions in societal, environmental context, professional ethics and be able to communicate effectively.

PSO 3: The students must be capable of applying the electrical engineering concepts and the practical implementation in the form of projects as also expertise in designing and analysing the novel solutions to the real-life problems related to power grids, renewable energy systems, microgrids, electric vehicles, electro-mechanical devices and electronic circuitry.

Head of the Department

Name: Mr. Soumitra Adak
Qualification: M.Tech.
Designation: Head of the Department (HOD)