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Since 2002

The History

Bishnupur is in the District of Bankura, West Bengal, happened to be the capital of erstwhile Mallabhum which had a glorious past. It still possesses relics of the past through its terracotta carved out in a variety of designs which reflect the intellectual and cultural ambience of Bishnupur. The whole country has still the nostalgia about the Bishnupur Gharana of music. In brief, artistic designs, cultural sensitivity, indigenous craftsmanship and the vibrant music, all taken together form the moorings of Bishnupur. This has enabled Bishnupur to move forward in keeping with of the trends of the day. Some of these ongoing trends are communication, information, production etc. which are emerging facets of technology with a global tenor. Bishnupur can afford to absorb them, because of its strength in heritage and architecture and human resource.

      The term 'Technology', being essentially generic throughout the world acquires a new rationale in the context of Bishnupur; hence the motivation for the foundation of Mallabhum Institute of Technology envisaged by new engineers, doctors, professors and leading figures of the community around Bishnupur. As a part of conviction, they hope that the inception of Mallabhum Institute of Technology would keep on acquiring newer and newer dimensions in terms of global trends without being oblivious of the aspirations and realities of the community around.

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