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Anti Ragging Squad

Anti Ragging squad is the squad which keeps vigil in the hostel premises to protect the junior students from Ragging. The committee consists of the senior teachers, wardens and matron of the Boys’ and Girls’ hostel respectively.


Dr. L. GhoshAssociate Prof. S & SS Deptt.MIT, Campus9433787926Loknath.Ghosh
Dr. Tapan Kr. NagAssociate Prof. S & SS Deptt.MIT, Campus9434224512Tapankumar.Nag
Dr.(Mrs.) Indrani ChakrabortyAssociate Prof. EE Deptt.MIT, Campus9547960203Indrani.Chakraborty
Mr. Bivash MallickAsst. Prof. ME DepttMIT, Campus9432673621Bivash.Mallick
Mr. Apurba ChowdhuryAsst. Prof. ECE DepttMIT, Campus9434855129Apurba.Chowdhury
Mr. Banibrata DasAsst. Prof. ME DepttMIT, Campus9332350999Banibrata.Das
Mr. Amalendu SiAsst. Prof. IT Deptt.MIT, Campus9732061172Amalendu.Si
Mr. Soumitra ChakrabortyAsst.. Prof. S & SS DepttMIT, Campus9733916720Soumitra.Chakraborty
Mr. Sandeep Guha NiyogiAsst. Prof. EE DepttMIT, Campus9475516102Sandeepguha.Niyogi
Mr. Tapas Kr. MajiAsst. Prof. EE DepttMIT, Campus9932777792Tapaskumar.Maji
Mr. Priyatosh JanaAsst. Prof. CSE DepttMIT, Campus9002780765Priyatosh.Jana
Mr. Sudipta DasAsst. Prof. IT DepttMIT, Campus9433109273Sudipta.Das
Mr. Sajal DebdasAsst. Prof. EE DepttMIT, Campus9836149506Sajal.Debdas
Mr. Sultan Mahmood ChowdhuryAsst. Prof. ECE DepttMIT, Campus9433388369Sultanmahmood.Chowdhury
Mr. Kunal ChakrabortyAdministrative OfficerMIT,
Mr. Chandan MishraWardenMIT, Campus9735878002cchandanmishra @gmail.com03244201080
Mr. Dinesh RoyWardenMIT, Campus9832834462dineshroywaren @gmail.com03244201080
Mr. Banshori KarmakarWardenMIT, Campus9734756545banshorikarmakar @gmail.com03244201080
Rangga DuttaMatronMIT, Campus9474445095rangaduttawarden @gmail.com03244201080
Mr. Supratim Subhra DasAsst. Prof. ECE DepttMIT, Campus9433801948Supratimsubhra.Das
Mr. Sayan MajumdarAsst. Prof. EE DepttMIT, Campus9433780086Sayan.Majumda
Mr. Anirban ChakrabortyAsst. Prof. EE DepttMIT, Campus9153279480Anirban.Chakraborty
Miss Sudipa GhoshAsst. Prof. S & SS DepttMIT, Campus9531719867Sudipa.Ghosh
Miss Priyanka DasAsst. Prof. ECE DepttMIT, Campus9038465044Priyanka.Das
Miss Raniya KunduAsst. Prof. S & SS DepttMIT, Campus9679266968Raniya.Kundu
Mr. Soumyadeep Dutta ChowdhuryAsst A.OMIT,

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